Case Studies

Conundrum Salon & Spa


A local salon based in the small town of La Verne, CA. When the owner first came to us, all she had was an Instagram profile with a mere 160 followers. No website, no Facebook page, no online listings; in the digital world Conundrum Salon did not exist. While working with her budget, Conundrum Media has been able to grow her Instagram follower base up to 3500+ followers and a reach over 6300+ people, it is growing daily! The business’s Facebook page has grown from non-existent to over 1400 Likes/Followers, also growing daily. By utilizing our Reputation Management, Janet and Roy (the owners), have been able to monitor and quickly respond to their customers’ reviews ensuring soup to nuts positive experience as well as improving their customer retention. Janet and Roy often promote their events on their social media platforms and boast about the number of attendees coming solely from Facebook and Instagram. This is prime example of how a truly engaged business and a rock solid social media go-to-market strategy can bring incredible results. All successes can only be attributed to the partnership with Conundrum Media and their trust in the firm’s approach.


M.Gregg Consulting


This is a carrier-agnostic telecommunication company who specialize in providing businesses with internet, landlines, VOIP, network security, and cloud services. Mike Gregg came to us with lots of ideas but zero direction. He, like a lot of business owners, was very overwhelmed with taking on the task of managing multiple social media profiles. He wanted social media for his business, knew he needed it, but didn’t want to have to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. While most businesses find social media to be a fun way to connect with their customers, Mike found it to be rather annoying and confusing. This is why he came to us. Conundrum Media was able to take the task off his plate completely; once a month Mike will log in to his portal to double-check the posts going out and in five minutes he is back to work. Mike wanted minimal participation so this set-up was perfect for this business. His campaign is heavily focused on the Facebook and Linkedin platforms as he runs a B2B business. In 5 days, Conundrum Media was able to grow his Facebook likes/followers to 515+ growing steadily and his Linkedin followers to 107 with impressions 1000+.