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Why Facebook is Critical To Your Restaurant’s Success


In today’s world, one of the most effective ways to promote your restaurant is through social media advertising, specifically through Facebook. As a restaurant owner, it is crucial for you to be able to resonate with the community and attract new customers to all aspects of your business. Conundrum Media specializes in Facebook social media marketing and will help promote all aspects of your business.


One of the most crucial elements of social media marketing on Facebook is that it lets customers leave reviews. In fact, reviews are one of the first things people look for when visiting your page. This feature allows any customer to rate their experience on a scale of 1-5 stars and leave a brief message to tell others what they thought of the restaurant. Facebook reviews are critical to the success of your restaurant because it involves real people giving their honest opinions, which is something that hits home with potential customers. In a way, your customers will be doing the social media advertising for you by leaving a 5 star review!


Facebook is also great for promoting happy hours and specials. Let’s be honest, everyone loves a great deal, and you love giving it to them because it’s good for business! By utilizing Conundrum Media’s expertise to promote your specials and happy hours as a social media marketing strategy, you can reach more customers directly and take away the guesswork of what you’re offering and when it will be offered.


Check-ins are also valuable because it when a customer check’s in, it brings your restaurant’s name to their entire social network. In other words, it brings more eyes and attention to your restaurant. Also, a restaurant check-in is relatively personal; it is basically someone telling all their friends what, when and where they are dining. By sharing this personal information, it is a way for people to give their approval and validates that your service is worthy of their time and money.


Social media advertising on Facebook is also great for promoting specific dishes on your menu. For instance, if you specialize in Mediterranean cuisine, you could post pictures of specific dishes, discuss how the food is prepared and the health benefits that come with eating this type of food.


Whatever your advertising needs are, Conundrum Media can help make your restaurant one of the hottest spots in town!


Why Instagram Marketing Is Perfect For Hair Salon Owners


If you own a hair salon or are an independent stylist, social media advertising on Instagram could be the key to your success. Conundrum Media knows this, and can provide your business with a tailored strategy to accomplish all your goals. So why Instagram? Here are a few features that make this social media platform perfect for the hair styling industry.


One of the key features of Instagram’s social marketing platform is the use of hashtags. We’ve all seen them, but Conundrum Media how to use the right hashtags that will resonate with the targeted audience in order to grow your business. Hashtags operate as a label for a specific topic and can act as a keyword or slogan that can attract new customers. Once a hashtag gains traction and is used repeatedly, Instagram will create an archive will all posts that include that specific hashtag. This will make your business discoverable and accessible to new and existing customers, which makes it one of the most powerful social media marketing strategies available. Similar to hashtags is the Check-in location tool on Instagram. Like hashtags, when a check-in is attached to a post, it will also create an archive for posts at that specific location. Another key feature of location tagging is that it makes your business searchable and will present the viewer with your address pinned on a map.


Social media marketing on Instagram also allows for automatic reviews of your services. When a person posts a picture of their new look, writes a good caption and tags your hair salon, it’s a form of reviewing. When it comes to hair styling, this form of automatic reviewing can be more effective than giving a 1-5 star rating on other social media platforms because it allows people to get an immediate visual of the final result, which is people really want to see.


Instagram can also assist your salon with social ordering. This social media marketing technique involves selling your products to clients in a convenient, effective manner. Instead of waiting for clients to physically come into your salon to buy products, you can bring your products to them while they are scrolling through their Instagram feed. There are many ways to sell products on Instagram, whether it be website link in your bio or product placement directly in uploaded images.


Lastly, sponsored posts are extremely valuable social media advertising strategy because they publicize your business to a broader audience that does not follow your salon on social media and engage people that have never heard of your business. When consulting with Conundrum Media for sponsored posts, you will see your business grow because of engaging content and careful monitoring of what types of posts create the most online traffic.